2014-03-15 10.31.45fixedMy name is Brunson and I am a Greater Swiss Mountain Dog. I’m so glad you stopped by to see me. You might be wondering to yourself, why on earth would a dog have a website? Let me tell you why. It all started one day when one of my mom’s friends told her she was sick of seeing all of the puppy pictures that she was posting on her Facebook. You see, she had been waiting for me for a long time and now that she finally had me, she couldn’t stop bragging.

She decided that she would start a Facebook page dedicated to me and anyone who wanted to see me could go there and join in the fun. Much to our surprise, many people wanted to see me!, and my Facebook page hasn’t stopped growing since! I have thousands of followers and I consider each one my friend. This page was started as a place to share with all of those friends. We share recipes, safety tips, diy ideas, poems, quotes…. you name it! If it’s dog related, we want to know about it. So grab yourself a treat and have a look around. You’ll be glad you did.